Console Command validate_government
Command Parameter 1 (OPTIONAL)
Description Validates government of a character
Cheat Notes
Note If none is given then the command will default to the player (except for some commands such as age). Most targeted commands accept character IDs as the optional 2nd parameter. Notable exceptions include religion/culture - if the character ID is added it must be the first parameter (for example, "religion orthodox" or "religion 555 orthodox"). If no parameters are listed then assume that the command has a single optional character ID parameter.
Note Character attributes (diplomacy, intrigue, etc.) normally range from 0-20. However, as the attributes are stored in signed bytes, it ranges from -128 to 127. Correspondingly, the maximum base value a character can achieve is 127. Nonetheless, upon loading a savegame, the base value will be reduced to 100 - if it was above this value.

Replace spaces in parameter names with underscore (_)